How much space, time and work do you need to collect latex for a mattress?

For a latex mattress, a large amount of rubber tree resin is required. A 160×190 cm double mattress requires approximately 45 kilograms of latex; to get all the necessary resin you need 12 acres of rubber tree cultivation and a whole day of harvest; figures that must be halved for a single latex mattress. At the latex collection for a double mattress, usually, 8 people work, logically for a whole day.

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A rubber tree plantation can be extended for about 2000 acres, in which more than 380,000 plants are stored for latex harvesting. From these, the resin is collected 7 months each year since the harvest strongly depends on the rainy season. Another factor that affects the amount of latex that can be used is the presence of impurities, dirt and excess water which often reach up to 1/3 of the total weight of the unworked resin.

Consequently, the figures in the previous paragraph, which at first reading may seem disproportionate, should be read taking into account this factor.

Does latex really have zero impact?

As can be understood, a great deal of space, time and work is required from the moment of collection. If from an environmental point of view a large plantation of latex is useful to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, managing to “consume” in a year almost 24000 tons of CO2. From another point of view, the large monoculture plantations cause serious damage to the ecosystem, significantly reducing the biodiversity of the areas in which they are found. For this reason, numerous agreements and regulations provide for the forest corridors necessary to protect the environment from one plantation to another.

Another ongoing debate is that of working conditions within them; many argue that many latex collectors are exploited and underpaid at the expense of what they want to see. However, this detail must be taken with the springs, as many manufacturers have a more than respectable human and environmental policy.

Health is in direct link with the right mattress!

When going to shop a new mattress, it is important to reach the right decision. A well-balanced choice should be made along with the consideration of sleeping habits as well as personal preferences. It is important to invest in a mattress which is of superior quality as it is going to give long-lasting health benefits as compared to the cheap ones. When the right quality of materials is used in a mattress, then there is a high chance that it will be a fruitful option for improving the health condition. With the cheap mattresses, there is no quality assurance which may result in degrading the quality of sleep. Look at

The mattress selection is one of the crucial decisions to be made by the customer. It is important to make sure that the mattress you’re investing in should involve all the desirable factors to keep your body parts in proper comfort throughout the night. When resting upon a firm surface, it is important that you’re sleeping on your back. For the stomach sleepers, firm surface density should be low. Are you bringing home something which is not suitable for your partner? In such a case, you must learn about the mattress with two different side surfaces. It is important that you and your partner must rest upon a suitable surface to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t be fooled with the wrong mattress option

With the right mattress, the right amount of sleep is enjoyed. In case, the wrong mattress is picked, then it will create obstacles in the sleeping duration. The sleeping time should remain undisturbed or else it could create trouble in the health condition. Along with the physical problems, the human body also invites mental troubles when getting disturbed during sleep time. This is one of the disadvantages of choosing the wrong mattress.

Make a wise decision and don’t get fooled

Don’t get fooled with the attractive looks and designs of the mattress. It is the comfort and support which is going to help you with getting good sleep. In order to get a comfortable sleep, choose a memory foam mattress which is completely suitable for undisturbed sleep. With the right mattress choice, you can get additional health benefits. A perfect mattress will work as a remedy to cure several health conditions.

There is no need to search for any mattress than foam mattress

People are purchasing the products that can provide the comfort and also that can have the value of the money. There are people that are looking for the mattress that can provide them the best kind of sleeping experience. These people are right to search because it is the sleep that provides comfort to the body and mind. The peace of mind is all about bed that one used for the sleep. If you will have perfect mattress then only the peace of mind with full body rest can be possible. But which mattress has the best properties of comfort? It is difficult to search for the mattress that has all the best comfortable properties that can provide you the great sleep experience. You have to take out time for reading the features of each mattress. But the thousands of models and different types of mattress might get you confused for the selection of right kind of mattress.

Thanks for the internet technology that is saving time for the search and also helping to take decision for getting the comfortable products.  On the internet you are able to have the reviews of old and new mattresses that are in the stores. If you will direct search for the best top mattresses that are specially designed for the comfort of sleep then you can have that too. Online  is the site that will let you have the comfort of saving money. Hee on this reliable site you can see all the comparison and features of best brands that are selling such advance technology mattresses. The comparison will provide the ease of selecting the right type of mattress.

These new modern made mattress are having great features that will let you have one in the room on the bed. It is sure that you will always wake with full loaded energy with best and fresh mood. You will have great life style. These are the unique mattresses that were only used by the rich people or that was experienced in only expensive five star hotels. But manufacturers have taken good steps to make this mattress to be in every house by cutting the commission system and giving this mattress direct to their customers.

What network to choose in mattresses?

Each mattress requires a specific network. By net, we mean the nets with slats. We exclude wire nets, which are now used only in sofa beds that use dedicated mattresses. For example, if we talk about a traditional spring mattress, we need to combine a very strong net. Therefore the net must have at least 13/14 slats, with a measure of at least 6 cm, better if in beech wood. In this case, obviously, for aesthetic reasons, we can also use a network completely in beech wood (frame and feet). Same reasoning if the choice falls on a mattress with traditional pocket springs.

If we use a mattress with micro-springs, since he is a more performing mattress, the most appropriate mesh is a net with cushioned micro staves. The purpose of this combination is to offer support that follows the flexibility of the mattress. Once the mattresses are exhausted with the springs, now let’s take some examples of pairing with foamed mattresses. By foam, we mean memory mattresses, variable density polyurethane foam mattresses, and latex mattresses. With a high capacity foamed mattress you can combine the 13/14 slatted base.

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For 4/5-layer skimmers with variable capacity, in order to enhance the characteristics of the mattress, we suggest a net with micro-slats.

Entering the specific personal needs we have combinations of the following type: net with micro staves with torsion tensioners and plates, with low-foamed mattresses. The reduced height is necessary to ensure that the network accessories are perceptible. A very high mattress would not transmit the characteristics of the net to the body.

Finally, we have the manual or motorized networks to be combined with foamed mattresses. Some colleagues also indicate the combination of a network with a mattress with springs. Experience teaches us that in a short time the mattress with springs breaks, at the points where it moves. Certainly, all the specifications are clarified in our showroom of the mattress network center.

Experience the bedding that was never before

Have you ever thought about the sleep that you take daily is very important? Have you ever thought of the reason of having back pain or neck pain? The reason of neck pain or back pain can be the bedding that you are using for your sleep. In bedding the bed and the mattress is all about the comfort or discomfort. In early days the bedding was not very advance and people used to experience the bedding that was in the market. There are people that are still using local made beds for their sleep. Whether it is any kind of bedding but must provide the comfort of sleep. It is the sleep that helps the body to have the comfort of rest. So it is better to have the bedding that can provide comfort and that must have the durability.

It is the daily life routine that one needs to sleep so that the body gets relaxed and regain the energy. Today you have well designed quality bedding product available in the market. It is the bedding quality that was never before. You will have the comfort of sleep without any health issues. If you will use bedding that is uncomfortable then you might get health issues like shoulder pain, back pain or pain on the neck. Getting such health issues will always be uncomfortable during the time you go to your bed for the sleep. These bedding is made from the best materials that can protect you from many health issues.

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