Each mattress requires a specific network. By net, we mean the nets with slats. We exclude wire nets, which are now used only in sofa beds that use dedicated mattresses. For example, if we talk about a traditional spring mattress, we need to combine a very strong net. Therefore the net must have at least 13/14 slats, with a measure of at least 6 cm, better if in beech wood. In this case, obviously, for aesthetic reasons, we can also use a network completely in beech wood (frame and feet). Same reasoning if the choice falls on a mattress with traditional pocket springs.

If we use a mattress with micro-springs, since he is a more performing mattress, the most appropriate mesh is a net with cushioned micro staves. The purpose of this combination is to offer support that follows the flexibility of the mattress. Once the mattresses are exhausted with the springs, now let’s take some examples of pairing with foamed mattresses. By foam, we mean memory mattresses, variable density polyurethane foam mattresses, and latex mattresses. With a high capacity foamed mattress you can combine the 13/14 slatted base.

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For 4/5-layer skimmers with variable capacity, in order to enhance the characteristics of the mattress, we suggest a net with micro-slats.

Entering the specific personal needs we have combinations of the following type: net with micro staves with torsion tensioners and plates, with low-foamed mattresses. The reduced height is necessary to ensure that the network accessories are perceptible. A very high mattress would not transmit the characteristics of the net to the body.

Finally, we have the manual or motorized networks to be combined with foamed mattresses. Some colleagues also indicate the combination of a network with a mattress with springs. Experience teaches us that in a short time the mattress with springs breaks, at the points where it moves. Certainly, all the specifications are clarified in our showroom of the mattress network center.